Annie works with The Collaborative Operating System. The COS is a framework for leading, managing, and working that enable groups and teams to make high-quality decisions, function together effectively, execute plans quickly, and create higher individual and collective commitment to shared goals.

The COS offers:

  1. A private “in-house” course customized to your organization

  2. A public, online course taught in three separate levels: Level I, Level II, and Level III

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Annie named her business Ahavah which means love in Hebrew. 

Collaborated Alongside


Coalition & Community Building

Strategic capacity planning 

Event Design & Facilitation 

Convenings, Conferences, Cross-Sector Collaborations

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Let's collaborate                     


"Now more than ever, we need strong female voices to rise to the top.  Annie has been a catalyst in that movement and I am certain she will be able to push other women the same way she did for me."  - Natasha R.