The structural inequality that informs America today has evolved over generations, through both political influence and a de facto culture sustained by limitless financing.

Shifting these inequities towards a more balanced world requires an unprecedented perspective: from both the ground and the sky. We move towards a new type of problem solver, and mindful institutions that emphasize perseverance, resilience and an evolved relationship with money.

In this paradigm, Annie focuses on both the individual and the group as a whole, in order to accelerate communities in their journey of shifting inequities. Recognizing the interconnectedness between ecosystems, Annie supports the individual as they relate to their broader environment, and leverages this to nourish communities, strengthen movements, and improve systems to operate smoothly and with integrity. Whether working alongside community leaders to build financial capacity or practice mindful communication, or designing cross-sector events and experiences from a human centered design perspective, Ahavah's work is founded on holistic solutions that take into account the ecosystem of the individual as well as the system at large.


The Brand

What's in a name?

Annie originally planned on naming her first-born child Ahavah. Once it came time to name her first business, it felt fitting to use it. The word conjures ideas of love and connection, and especially called to Annie since it contains her initials in it not just once, but twice. And, it's a playful palindrome!

Annie's friend, Drew Litowitz, crafted this logo years ago, long before Annie understood how to articulate what she does, and why. Through the magic of collaboration they managed to communicate beyond words, and he created a symbol that fully represents what Annie's business has evolved into  - using connection to mold the future. 

The Logo  

"Intersecting lines occasionally connect at dotted junctures. These “dots” imply a sense of interconnectivity, motion and kinetic energy. 

The incomplete nature of the mark alludes to a future that is in the process of being built, and a group of people working together to build it."

Design and concept by Drew Litowitz