Past Events, Convenings, and Conferences


National Center for Family Philanthropy & Nexus global- Workshop on intergenerational philanthropy to advance systemic change

The National Center for Family Philanthropy partnered with Nexus Global to address how the largest wealth transference known to man from Baby-Boomers to Millennials can advance systemic change.  We had speakers Charles Eisenstein, Cindy Mercer, and Jay Hughes. 

Annie facilitated and co-designed the full-day workshop with over 30 attendees to bring them through messy conversations, to bring the group to feel united, not divided, and that another future  for philanthropy is possible. 

Nexus global Summit Center of Peace - Panel on The Purpose and Meaning of Inheritance– It’s Not Just About Money

Annie moderated a panel with Charles Eisenstein, Andrea Zucker, Mikuak Rai, and  Laurie Ann Levin. In this session, we took a dive deep into our collective inheritance, and learned how to exercise empathy to choose a more life-affirming, regenerative, future for all.

Sandbox community global ambassador summit

Annie co-facilitated the Ambassador Summit. Sandbox is a global community with over 35 hub cities. Each city has Ambassadors, to help keep the community evolving and connected. Annie helped to design the Ambassador retreat, and facilitate exercises and activities to strengthen the trust amongst the community as they entered into a new transition period.



The Tulsa Strategy is a seven to ten year strategic plan grounded in the belief that a holistic suite of evidence-based and other promising programs have a summative effect realized through layering various supports together. George Kaiser Family Foundation hosted five convenings to gather community partners’ input which will included a focus on pre- pregnancy services, high-quality parenting services, high-quality early childhood education and supports, criminal justice intervention, and data systems. 

Baltimore YOUTH ENTREPRENEURSHIP & Conscious CApitalism innovation summit 

Under Armour & The Conscious Venture Lab hosted an event convening 40 leaders from government, nonprofits, public schools, & local conscious companies around entrepreneurship in Baltimore Public Schools. Ahavah designed and facilitated this in collaboration with with Mind Into Matter.  


Conscious Venture Lab Demo Day 

The Conscious Venture Lab exists to build companies that matter -- companies that are focused on purpose, passion and our undeniable human interconnectedness. The lab hosted a Demo Day to introduce their second cohort. We brought together the brainpower of inspiring entrepreneurs, investors, thought leaders, and mentors, in an effort to support the continued growth of conscious companies

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The Collective - More for me is more for you

The Collective's members work for themselves, as entrepreneurs, artists, designers and makers. We tackle projects together and strive to create a more beautiful world through out work.

 In Washington D.C, The Collective held an intimate gathering of leading independent works. Together, we will co-create greater stability to go after bigger clients that sustain us, and more importantly, move us closer to the world we know is possible.

Spark weekend DC 

Self spark hosted DC's first lifehacking retreat. Attendees spent their weekends learning about lifehacks to measurably improve their mind, body, and sleep. In the mornings, ten experts taught evidence-based tools and techniques for change in 20-minute Spark Talks. In the afternoons, attendees did the hard work of integrating those lessons into their lives. There were also opportunities to test out some of the coolest lifestyle change apps, wearables, devices, services and other technologies.